Juniors Club

Looking for an activity that is fun, physical and rewarding?

Open to young people from the ages of 8 to 17, Highbury Juniors Jiu Jitsu Club teaches in a safe setting suitable for anyone; any size, weight or strength
As well as being fun and challenging, it improves balance, coordination and general physical condition

Junior's Jiu Jitsu is almost identical to the system that the adults learn and classes are taken just as seriously, although we ensure to practise in a fun manner

Beginners are welcome and the first session is free!

A parent or guardian should complete the online consent form then contact us to confirm your interest or if you have any questions not covered here
Additional information is available on our governing body website

Please note that a parent or guardian must complete the online consent form before a junior can train

*UPDATE 07/09/2023* - We are temporarily pausing the intake of new junior starters as mat space is fully booked. Parents/guardians should contact us in advance regarding availability

Junior class photographJunior student performing a ground restraint on a downed opponent
Junior class photographJunior student performing a ground restraint on a downed opponent

For Students

Jiu Jitsu is great fun! As well as being great exercise and a lot of fun, Jiu Jitsu develops many skills and talents that are just as useful off the mat as on it.There are the obvious physical benefits: fitness, balance, coordination and an excellent understanding of the body and its capabilities and limitations. But it doesn't stop there. Jitsu also teaches discipline, respect, consideration and confidence

As a Jitsuka (student) develops and progresses in the art, they will also have responsibility for teaching others (under supervision). This grows their social skills and an understanding of the limitations of the Jitsuka and those around them. Teaching will help them to understand their own Jitsu better and give them an appreciation of the differences between their own viewpoint and that of those they are with

It should also be mentioned that Jitsu, like football, rugby, hockey etc., is a full-contact, physical activity. As mentioned on the membership form, this does have certain risks. However, serious injuries are rare in Jitsu. All of our instructors are fully qualified first-aiders and we always train in the safest way possible

For Parents

Firstly, parents are always welcome at any session; we are always happy to discuss any part of the style, organisation or practices of the club. Your jitsuka will be learning from a qualified, insured (by SportsCoach UK, a division of Sport England) instructor, who is determined to teach in the most effective manner so that every jitsuka can achieve the maximum from the club

All Juniors Jiu Jitsu instructors are DBS cleared and constantly have both their own progress and that of the club monitored by a mentor. The safety and well-being of our jitsuka is the most important thing to our instructors

What it costs:

Our jiu jitsu club is a not-for-profit organsiation. Our sensei are not paid and all money raised goes straight back into the club, subsidising equipment, entry fees and social events. This allows us to keep costs exceptionally low

Mat fees are just £15 per month. This works out at under £4 per week, with the odd session thrown in for free in long months

The Jiu Jitsu Foundation Licence (insurance) is only £22 per year. This covers Jitsuka, not only at any TJJF club, but also at Regional and National events, where they can learn from the best Sensei we have to offer. These Regional and National events happen on a regular basis and cost between £5 and £20. Keep an eye on the News on the front page for details. Regional events include Courses, Pre-gradings and Gradings and each occurs roughly every three months. Junior National events happen twice a year, in October and April

The final cost of Jitsu is the investment in a Gi (uniform). These cost about £20 and are very hard-wearing